The back story

This blog is a combined effort by Sam, Terri, Nancy and Beth who live in far flung corners of the United States, have sons born in July 1999, and share a love of photography. Their friendship started through their membership in a Parentsplace bulletin board, grew through participation in an offshoot e-mail group of moms trying to stay in shape, and has now gone "off board" to this blog where they will share daily photos of their lives with viewers. The idea for this blog came from "A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart" which Terri spotted on dooce and immediately shared with Sam. They shared the idea with Nancy and Beth and now collectively bring you this blog. We are purposely not identifying which photos belong to who and the photos will be presented in random order each day. We hope our readers will enjoy viewing the photos and making their own guesses as to what picture belongs to each of us. We welcome your thoughts and comments.

december 29

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